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Sony Xperia Z2 – S Worthy Challenger In The Battle Of Flagships?

The Mobile World Congress is a time for big launches, and perhaps the only major “big” launch from Sony’s stable was the Xperia Z2, which succeeds the Z1 flagship. Like all flagships, it gives the top of the range specs, but users at this range seldom look

Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview – Old Wine in a New Bottle

They say a tech enthusiast marks out three days in the year, and one of the days is the day on which Samsung launches its new flagship smartphone. This year Samsung chose to release its Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress, alongside the not so high-end

Nokia X – Nokia’s ticket to the entry-level Android market?

When the Nokia X was released at the recently held Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, many felt as if something assumed stillborn had come to life. We had been hearing for months about soon-to-be-owner Microsoft’s plans to scrap any attempts by Nokia to move into the Android

10 Reasons To Buy an Android Phone

As smart phone sales are at all time high, so is the invention of different Operating Systems for them. Some giants on this list are Android, iOS and Windows. These 3 are currently dominating the smart phone era with BlackBerry hunting them. But, if we talk about,

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – A Complete Summary

Samsung doesn’t require any kind of introduction today if we’re talking about smartphones. Samsung has a wide range of smartphones available in the market today. These smartphones, while being similar, have a wide variety of features to suit almost everybody’s technological needs. This time Samsung has showed

Antivirus For Mobiles: How To Protect Yourself From Malware

We all know antivirus for your desktop is crucial whether you are just a casual web surfer or an avid downloader of games and music. However with mobile platforms still being relatively new, many people believe that there is no need to worry about having the same

Top 5 Password Manager Apps

Smartphone users nowadays are very keen about the security and privacy of their phones. As most people use their smartphones to do banking and other things that require strong secure passwords. But, different apps have different requirements for passwords, often forcing you to have different passwords for different

Xbox One – PS4 Comparison

With the release dates for the two major next-generation consoles just around the corner (except for the PS4 which has gone on sale already in the US), here is a comparison on everything the two titans have to offer. Release Date Microsoft have announced their release date

LG G2 Camera Review – The Best Rear Camera Ever Made With A Smartphone

Smartphone industry is flooded with a whole lot of beasty phones nowadays. Have you heard of an LG phone which debuted couple of weeks ago? Yeah I’m taking about the tempting LG G2. This device has got people’s attention as it comes with some whopping features which

5 Best iPhone Apps For Teenagers

Nowadays, Smartphones are boundless to age. From teenagers to elder adults, everyone owns a Smartphone nowadays. And talking about teenagers, the Apple iPhone is the most favorite Smartphone for teenagers. It’s simply because of the trade value of Apple and its products, and owning an Apple device