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AskMe Android App: What makes it the best?

As you all know guys, we need advice about different things in our day to day routine. You may someday need the address of some great resorts, bars in your locality or you might have to make a booking at any Resort. If you are going to

LG G3 Beat/S – Flagship lookalike Or Serious Mid-Range Contender?

LG has had mixed success in the smartphone market, with not many of its budget and mid range products passing the users’ popularity test with flying colours. That it has the ability to produce devies like the Nexus 4 and 5 (made for Google) and the G3,

Sony Xperia M2 Dual – Much-Awaited Gemstone In Sony’s Mid-Range Smartphone Lineup?

Sony is one company that firmly believes that if something is working, it is better not to tinker with it. The lower mid-range segment of their smartphone range, for instance, has been doing decently in both developed and emerging markets, and Sony has therefore stuck to the

Asus Zenfone 5 – Pretender To The Moto G’s Crown?

It is common knowledge that Asus makes smartphones and tablets, but aside from a few models which could not set the market on fire, the company’s portfolio is essentially limited to the awesome Nexus 7 2012 and 2013. Given the continuing success of the Nexus tablets in

Samsung Galaxy Ace Nxt – Enough Muscle To Take On The Budget Handset Segment?

Samsung has been plodding around in the budget smartphone segment for quite a while now, coming up with devices that are wonderful to look at but woefully short of processing juice. Strangely, the Galaxy Ace series, including the Galaxy Ace 3 (with a Snapdragon 400 chipset) released

Nokia X2 – Microsoft’s Android Ticket Or Competitor To Lumia Phones?

It is rare for a company like Nokia or Microsoft to release two iterations of the same device in the same calendar year. It is even more unusual when the device is an AOSP based Android clone and the company behind it is Nokia, or to be

Oppo Find 7 – A Giant Killer From China?

No matter how much we deride the Chinese products, it is a fact that larger and larger number of manufacturers are from China – Lenovo, Huawei, Xiaomi and of course, Oppo. Oppo made headlines last year by releasing the world’s first Cyanogenmod run handset, and again when

Panasonic P31 – A New Beginning Or Swansong ?

We kept hearing that Panasonic would move out of the smartphone manufacturing segment, but apparently it never quite did so. There appears little reason to do so, what with the smartphone market booming in the developing countries as people shift from feature phones to smartphones. Indeed, it

Sony Xperia Z2 – S Worthy Challenger In The Battle Of Flagships?

The Mobile World Congress is a time for big launches, and perhaps the only major “big” launch from Sony’s stable was the Xperia Z2, which succeeds the Z1 flagship. Like all flagships, it gives the top of the range specs, but users at this range seldom look

Samsung Galaxy S5 Preview – Old Wine in a New Bottle

They say a tech enthusiast marks out three days in the year, and one of the days is the day on which Samsung launches its new flagship smartphone. This year Samsung chose to release its Galaxy S5 at the Mobile World Congress, alongside the not so high-end