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Xiaomi’s US Store To Officially Go Online on June 1, EU Store The Next Day

Apple’s design chief may have bitterly complained of design “theft” by Xiaomi, but that hasn’t prevented the largest smartphone seller in China and the third largest seller in the world, from turning up at Cupertino’s doorstep. Xiaomi’s US store will “officially” open on June 1 at 7PM

Google Play Store Update Rolling Out With Layout Standardization, (Possible) Kid-Safe Features

Unlike the Dropbox update we took note of recently, Google’s Play Store doesn’t have – or need to – change anything drastically to keep users interested, given that it is the central hub for anything Android. Even so, Google likes to push out interesting changes, and with

Dropbox Finally Jumps Onto Material Design Bandwagon

Apps that don’t match the latest visual changes (and there are far too many happening far too often) to Android’s UI tend to stick out in a not-so-pleasant manner. Such was the case with Dropbox’s Android app till now. Thankfully, the cloud storage and sharing platform has

ZTE Launches sub-$100 Device With 4000mAh Battery, OTG Reverse Charging

Even as we grapple with the battery issues of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Apple iPhone 6 and their superpowerful processors, ZTE is making some of its low-end devices swim in battery juice. Take for instance the Q519T, which not only comes with a whopping 4000mAh battery,

Lollipop Comes to Nvidia Shield As Upgrade 3.0

While a device meant primarily for gaming isn’t likely to benefit a whole lot from Android Lollipop 5.1 (since Lollipop brings precious little for gamers), an update is always an opportunity for manufacturers to push out some of their own enhancements. Perhaps that is what caused palpable

Sony to host events in India, Taiwan and Hong Kong Next Week

With the recently released Sony Xperia Z4 being a none too exciting and furthermore, Japan-only offering, the Japan-based company seems to have realized that it needs to come up with something better. Some indication of this may be the slew of events it is scheduled to host

SwiftKey Releases iOS Update With Theme Store, Improved Performance

While Clarity keyboard has received a decent response since its release a couple of weeks ago, most users still opt for the original SwiftKey app, especially on iOS. Keeping them in mind, the company has come out with an update that inaugurates a theme store, 12 themes

Apple Refreshes 15-inch Laptop List, Reduces iMac Prices

Unlike other companies, Apple rarely pulls down prices, even if it means decline in sales. This time though, Cupertino seems willing to forego some of its uber-profits in favor of greater sales as far as its 5K Retina-display iMacs go while coming out with a marginally less

Oppo R7 Plus Specs Revealed in Benchmark Test

A few days ago we told you about Oppo’s plans to release to “bezel-less” devices. As it turns out, the two devices will be called R7 and R7 Plus (and not R7 Max as it was reported earlier). What is more likely to interest Oppo lovers though

Google Takes Over Timeful, Suspends iOS Development

Google has been working on improving its Calendar app for Android, and with Android for Work out, time management is set to become all the more important. In anticipation of this perhaps, the company has acquired Timeful, a time management app that weaves one’s interests and requirements