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LG F60 – A Real Powerhouse Or Just Another Mediocrity With LTE?

If one hears the name LG in association with the word smartphone, chances are the device being referred to belongs to the flagship category. Indeed, not only has LG proved its mettle with the Nexus 4 and 5, it has also a number of powerful flagships of

Sony Xperia E3 – A Miniature Z-series Device Or Just A Successor To The Xperia M?

When it comes to Sony, expectations have to be tempered, given that they still believe in selling products with sub-qHD (forget HD!) displays in the $150-$200 price bracket. The Xperia E was something of an exception to the rule though, given the sub-$150 segment in which it

Nokia Lumia 730 – A New Giant In the Mid-Range Segment or Just A “Selfie” Phone?

Lovers of Windows phones don’t have much choice of handsets – it is either a Nokia, a HTC or the one-off Micromax device. Move to the lower mid range segment, and 9.5 out of 10 devices are made by Nokia. To be honest, the company has not

Moto X 2nd Gen – The Real X-Factor In Motorola’s Lineup Or Another Run Of The Mill Successor?

Moto X was supposed to be the ticket on which Motorola would ride back into the world of flagship devices. Sadly, with mediocre specs and some seriously design shortcomings, Moto X’s greatest legacy was the Moto Maker, which allowed users to order customize the external appearance of

How To Copy Your Contacts To Your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus

Ever since Tim Cook unleashed this year’s iPhones – iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – in Cupertino, people across the world have been waiting in real or online queues to get their hands on those sleek beasts. And why not? With everything from the A8 processor

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus – High on performance or stuffed with bells and whistles?

Writing a review for an iPhone is both remarkably easy and extremely difficult. It is easy because the iPhone comes out once a year, and there are no periodic “minor” modifications to worry about. It is difficult because not only can one not compare the iPhone with

Moto G (2nd Gen) – The Successor Arrives, but has the world changed too much?

Successors to highly successful budget and mid range smartphones rarely, if ever, manage to achieve the success of their forefathers. There are two factors at play here – the massive amount of hype generated by the first gen’s specifications, and the fact that the competition has done

8 Gaming Headsets Every Gamer Should Consider

While most folks lavish their hard earned cash on the gamepads and consoles/PC configurations, some of the truly elite folks keep aside a part of their bank balance for a good gaming headset as well. Now we are not saying that an average headset (or even PC

The Honor Roll of Gaming Mice in 2014

The gaming mouse is that one piece of hardware that decides the accuracy of the player – simply because in most instances, it decides how the player looks, strafes, shoots, hides, and does pretty much everything else that is worth doing in a game. Now the average

Nvidia Shield Tablet – The Gaming Powerhouse We Have Been Waiting For?

It has been a while since Nvidia’s chips have been featured in any of the flagships, and we know the company is trying desperately to diversify from the graphics card business that has been its forte for way too long. It tried to do so with the