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Invitations Going Out For Mysterious OnePlus Event

While Samsung, Dell and even Xiaomi regularly hold events, OnePlus is not known for showing off too much. Not that it has too much to show off anyway, being essentially a one handset (a very successful handset though) company. Yet rarity is the spice of life and

Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge : New Looks Make a New Beast ?

Necessity is the mother of invention, or as they say in the world of smartphones, copying from what is successful. A year of falling profits later, the dictum rang true when Samsugn’s A-series of devices were released with metal casings, suggesting that the era of the plasticky

Images Appear Of First Windows Phone From LG In Years

In the second decade of the 21st Century, Nokia (now Microsoft) phones are associated with Windows Phone OS, and with good reason. Companies like LG ditched the WP bandwagon long ago, and few seem interested in returning. The exception may be LG, whose rumoured D635 may well

Android For Work App Hits Play Store

A couple of days back we announced the release of the Dell Venue 10 7000 with Google’s “Android for Work” inbuilt for business users. If you’ve not purchased the Venue 10 7000 yet, you’ll be happy to know that the Android for Work app is now available

Annual Apple Developer Conference To Be Held In June 2015

Developer conferences may not be the best place to look for the finished consumer-ready products we’re used to, but look closely and you’ll find enough trends to predict where the software – and to an extent hardware – aspects of a certain ecosystem (read iOS and MacOS/Android

Google To Offer Its LTE Patents Using Via Licensing Pool

Ask Xiaomi, Samsung or Google what wireless technology patents mean, and chances are the answer will include lists of patent cases from the likes of Apple and Ericsson. To safeguard against this, Google bought Motorola and then sold it after stripping it of its LTE technology portfolio.

Google’s Chromebook Pixel Coming to UK on April 12

Dubbed as Google’s answer to the near-complete dominance of Microsoft in the world of PCs and laptops, Chromebooks made by the company undergo a yearly refresh, not unlike the Macbooks made by competitor Apple. Chromebook lovers in the UK are in for just such an annual refresh

Dell Venue 10 7000 Launched for Business Users

Dell has not had much success in the consumer market, although its Dell Venue 8 7840 (also referred to as the Venue 8 7000 Series) did receive some positive reviews after making its appearance at the CES 2015. Now Dell has come out with a larger variant

HTC One M9+ Released in China

While the world got a glimpse of the HTC One M9 at the Mobile World Congress a month back. Chinese fans of the Taiwanese company have been patiently waiting. Their wait has now been justified by the release of the One M9+, a device that – as

Android Lollipop Coming to Huawei Ascend Mate7, P2, G7 and Mate 2 This Year

Even as Huawei gears up for the launch of the P8 Lite handset, it is still mindful of its existing mid-range customer base. Proof of this comes in the form of the release of a schedule for rollout of Android 5.0 Lollipop updates to its Ascend Mate7,