Nowadays, Smartphones are boundless to age. From teenagers to elder adults, everyone owns a Smartphone nowadays. And talking about teenagers, the Apple iPhone is the most favorite Smartphone for teenagers. It’s simply because of the trade value of Apple and its products, and owning an Apple device makes every teenager a hero among friends.
If you’re a teenager who recently bought an Apple iPhone or if you’re willing to buy one pretty soon, then we’re here today with a short list of the top 5 iPhone apps that perfectly suits teenagers.

best apps for teens1. Instagram:

There is no doubt that Instagram is an app that every teenager loves. Instagram is a very popular image and short-video sharing platform that allows its registered users to upload photos into the Instagram directory, thus displaying it to one’s followers and other users.
To upload a picture to instagram, you first crop the picture you took into a fixed aspect ratio, and then you have the option to select from a great library of pre-designed photo filters that can add more vibrance and life onto your pictures. You also have additional editing options such as blur-effect and contrast effect.
These features make Instagram the most favored iPhone application among teenage users.

2. Netflix:

Netflix is a very popular video and movie sharing site. You can pay an initial subscription fee to join Netflix and then watch its enormous library of videos and movies without any disturbance.
Netflix is yet another popular iPhone application among teenagers who usually likes to watch a lot of popular television series as well as movies. Therefore, if you’re a teenager and a movie freak and if you regularly watch popular television series, then you’re surely gonna love Netflix too.

3. Spotify:

Spotify is the most popular music and radio player that has a vast and great music library that is available to every user on demand for free. However, to remove the on-app advertisements which might seem annoying at times, you can upgrade to the PRO version as well.
You can also integrate your Spotify account with your Facebook account, hence you’ll also be able to track your Facebook friend’s activities on Spotify and update your activities to Facebook as well.

4. WhatsApp:

WhatsApp is a very popular cross-messaging platform that is available on almost every mobile operating system including iOS, and there might be a very small number of people [especially teens] who do not know or use WhatsApp.
WhatsApp is an instant messaging software where you can add contacts using their mobile number. You need not create any account or signup anywhere in order to use WhatsApp. All you need is your personal mobile number and mobile numbers of friends, wiith whom you’d like to chat with.
Even though there are many cross-platform instant messaging applications out there, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is the most popular application among all others.

5. Workout Trainer:

Teenagers nowadays are very conscious about their health and fitness. And for these people, there can be no better blessing than having a great health related application on their iPhone. Well, if you’re one of those teenage health freaks out there, then the Workout Trainer application can be your best companion.
The Workout Trainer application introduces you to a variety of yoga and fitness related exercises with graphical demonstration and timer, and thus replicates as a real-time fitness instructor for you.
Final Words:
The above mentioned where some popularly used iPhone applications by teenagers. I hope you found this article helpful, and if you feel that some other iPhone application should be added to the list, then please leave your suggestions as comments below.