The Android operating system is a true sensation today. It’s mainly because of two major reasons; The availability to choose from a wide arena of Smartphones at different price ranges and manufactured by all popular Smartphone companies, the vast selection of applications to choose from, covering every category. Now, literally you can replace your desktop or laptop with an Android Smartphone or tablet, because we can perform almost all virtual functions from an Android Phone or Tablet, from purchasing goods to web browsing.

Talking about web browsing, it is one of the most efficient and prominent tasks an Android Smartphone or Tablet can do today. And for the same purpose, we have a wide arena of web browsers for Android too! But still, people prefer the best on any service. So if you’re looking for the best web browsers for Android, then you’re at the right place. As today we will be providing you a list of Top 5 Free Web Browsers For Android!

Google Chrome


Android and Chrome, both are Google’s subsidiary products, and we can’t expect a better combination of them. Google Chrome is so far the best web browser available for Android. Below are some of the exclusive features of the Google Chrome web browser for Android:

  • You can sign in to your Google Account.
  • You can sync your bookmarks, open tabs, omnibox data etc. Which allows you to switch and use Google Chrome for PC, Smartphone or Tablet.
  • Faster loading for flash content and heavy web pages.
  • Snappy pinch to zoom and kinetic scrolling.

So, as you can see from the features. Google Chrome is the best web browser for Android without any doubt.

Download Chrome for Android

Opera Mini For Android


Opera Mini is known to be the fastest web browser out there. And now they’ve come up with an Android version of their popular web browser. The Opera Mini for Android web browser does not only load web pages faster, but also compresses these web pages, thus reducing your web browsing data charge up to 90%. Opera Mini is the lightest, fastest android browser you can get for your device, which also compresses web pages and consumes comparatively less data!

Download Opera Mini for Android

UC Mini For Android

Yet another efficient web browser for Android, that loads your web pages with lightning speed and still consumes less data. There is a speed mode in the UC Mini Browser, that compresses your web page thus loading these web pages faster and that too with less data usage. It automatically shifts between WIFI and data mode. Which means, the UC browser automatically starts saving data when you’re browsing on your data plan, thus allowing you to save some money. You also get other standard features like Incognito Mode etc.

Download UC Mini for Android

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin BrowserDolphin Browser is used and loved by lots of people out there. What makes Dolphin browser different from its competitors is the ability to control the browser via voice and gestures. Dolphin browser also lets you shift between tabs without much stutters, and also allows you to navigate to your favorite sites by using gesture-typing or voice-commands!

Download Dolphin Browser

Firefox Browser


Firefox is without any doubt, the most efficient and used browser on desktop’s. Now they’ve made their entry into the portable device category, by releasing their Firefox browser application for Android. What makes Firefox browser different from its competitors is the ability to customize the web browser by using add-ons. Firefox also offers one of the best security and privacy features. Like the Google Chrome browser for Android, you can also sync your bookmarks and active tabs in Firefox too. Thus enabling you to be always synced with your data’s, bookmarks and tabs, on your Android device.

Download Firefox Browser for Android

This is our list of top 5 web browsers for your Android Phones and Tablets, let us know if you are using any other browsers and what you feel about its speed, data compression abilities and all other features, feel free to comment below 🙂