No doubt that Samsung Galaxy S4 is the most popular Android Smartphone out there in the market today. It is because the device is stuffed with a lot of innovation, improvements and fascinating technology. Even though the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a successor of the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Galaxy S4 is much more superior than its predecessor! The device has the most powerful hardware that will make any task super-fluid in your device. But however, many users have complained about lagging issues in their Galaxy S4. It is primarily due to the TouchWiz skin that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has. The TouchWiz is the official skin of Samsung Android Smartphones and this often causes lag in many devices.

However you can root your phone or add custom skins to overcome this issue. And if you like to root your phone, then today we are here to provide you 2 methods to root your Samsung Galaxy S4. One is the ‘one-click root method’ and one is the normal process. So let’s begin! 🙂


Warning :

Be careful while rooting your device, a wrong method and your device may get bricked. We are not responsible if your device gets damaged or bricked. So continue at your own risk! Your device’s warranty will get void if you root your phone. Always take a backup of your phone before rooting.

Simple One-Click Method to Root Samsung Galaxy S4

This is the easiest and the safest method of the two and you can root your phone even if you’re new to rooting.

  • Download the rooting software from here —>[Link:]
  • Connect your Galaxy S4 to your PC.
  • Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.
  • Run the rooting software and click ROOT NOW!
  • And wait peacefully for the processes to end and your device has been successfully rooted!

Normal Rooting For Samsung Galaxy S4

Make sure your device has a good battery backup. If it turns off due to low battery in the middle of the rooting, then your device will be trapped.

  • Now power off your device.
  • And next, press and hold together the Volume Down + Power + Home keys until the device boots up and you enter the Downloading mode.
  • Now from your PC, extract the ODIN software that you downloaded earlier and run the software.
  • Connect your device to the PC.
  • Now if you successfully connected your device, the ODIN Software will identify your device.
  • Now extract the rooting kit you downloaded earlier.
  • Now from the ODIN software, click on find and navigate your extracted rooting kit folder.
  • Once you enter the extracted folder, you’ll see a bunch of other folders.
  • From the files :

First enter the PDA folder and pick the file named CODE.
Then enter the PHONE folder and pick the file named MODEM.
Then enter the CSC Folder and pick the file named CSC.
Lastly, enter the PIT folder and pick the “. PIT” file.

  • Now links to these files will show up in the ODIN software.
  • Make sure you tick the “Auto Reboot” , “F Reset Time” and “Re-Partition” options in the ODIN software.
  • Now click the start button and ODIN will now flash your device.
  • After the first box goes completely green, your device will restart.
  • One’s it turns off, unplug your device before it restarts to be prevented rebooting.
  • After unplugging, your device will turn on. Wait for the device to boot up properly as it will take a few moments.
  • Your device has been rooted.
  • Now check for the SUPERUSER app from your applications list and make sure it works properly.

I hope this article would be helpful for you to successfully root the Android beast, please let me know your queries through comments. 🙂