Earning money from your blog is something every blogger looks forward to but it doesn’t always happen because there are quite a lot of things you need to do before you start making money off blogging. There are two categories of bloggers one are the newbie bloggers who just got into blogging and the other are experienced bloggers who’ve been here for some time. If you’ve been running a blog for a long time but if you aren’t getting the right results it means you’re doing something wrong and it’s a high time you reviewed your blog. Beginners on the other hand need to follow a good routine which includes researching, flooding your blog with relevant content etc.


  • Choose Your Niche Wisely

Whenever you start a blog, especially if it’s your first one you should always try to make a safe bet by opening a blog on something you know or some niche which you think you could handle. There are probably some high paying niches which can make more money but launching a blog on a niche would be better in the long run. I believe if you know what you’re doing you’d be able to write unique and original content.

  • More Traffic = More Money

I think most of the bloggers out there would know this but I think you guys should always work towards achieving a goal. So if you wish to make around $10 a day from your blog there are some things your blog needs to possess. If you aim to make around $10 your blog needs to have around 3000 search engine visits and needs around 4800 page views daily to reach your goal. You should always remember Organic Traffic is what makes all the difference.

  • Ads Placement

Around 60% of you might not be placing your ads in the right places which mean you earn less money. Make sure at least one of your ads are placed above the fold, especially as Google usually puts all the high paying ads to the slot which could be seen first. Placing your ads in the right places could make you wonder why you aren’t earning enough money even when you are getting enough traffic.

  • Work On SEO

SEO is very important and many blogs or websites that contain quality content is down the list because of their bad SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Its better if you use the WordPress platform for your blog, and it might benefit you a lot if you use a SEO plugin which would help you a lot in On-Page SEO. SEO is a vast field and there are quite a lot of tricks but it’s always advised that you follow white-hat methods rather than black-hat methods which might just land you in trouble.

  • Choose Potential Keywords

Keywords are something every blogger needs to work on, and do your research and create content according to that and that’d surely reward you. Using excellent keywords can make each of the clicks earn around $2 for you which is great.

make-money-online-easyThese are some simple tips which would help you to earn at least $10 a day, all of these tips are important. Hope you liked this article 🙂